Special Needs Services

Special need services in Bronx, NY

Does your child have special needs? A Continuation of a Dream Daycare Inc. provides special needs child care for children with many types of disabilities. Their trained professionals have worked with many special needs children over the years and understand what they need. From cerebral palsy to autism, they can take care of your child just as if they were at home.

As a special needs child care provider, the staff will look after children's diets to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need. They understand that nutrition is important in special needs child care and will accommodate your child's needs.If your child is gluten free or a vegetarian, it will not be a problem at their special needs daycare.
A Continuation of a Dream Daycare Inc. provides a curriculum to meet your child's unique needs. The staff can provide one-on-one learning to help your child's development, or set up a specialized program just for them. Your child will grow and learn while attending their special needs child care.
The friendly staff has trained especially to work with children with special needs. They believe every child is important and deserves the love and care you give them. By understanding different types of disabilities and following a routine, they provide the best special needs child care around.
Serving the Bronx, NY area, A Continuation of a Dream Daycare Inc. provides top-quality special needs child care. With over 20 years of experience, specially trained staff, and a variety of understanding, you can be sure your child will fit right in. Arrange to meet with the staff today!
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